1998 Reunion

During the meeting of the descendants of Jewish families from Hohenems in 1998 (shown above), the idea to found the American Friends of the Jewish Museum Hohenems, Inc. emerged. The association unites the numerous descendants living in America, gives them a way to donate tax-deductible contributions to the museum, and supports the Jewish Museum of Hohenems in the following ways:

  1. Perpetuating and preserving the religious and cultural history and heritage of the former Jewish inhabitants of Hohenems, Austria and surrounding region by providing financial support for the scientific, educational or literary objectives of the J├╝disches Museum Hohenems (Jewish Museum Hohenems) located at villa Heimann-Rosenthal, Schweizer Strasse 5, A6845 Hohenems, Austria;
  2. Supporting and promoting the preservation and restoration of religious sites which comprise the ancestral legacy of the former Jewish community of Hohenems, Austria, and
  3. Providing for other charitable, educational, and literary purposes which serve to foster and preserve the heritage of the former Jewish community of Hohenems, District of Vorarlberg, Austria and to foster public interest in, and knowledge and understanding of the rich and vibrant heritage of the various Jewish Communities of the region.

Solely for the above purposes, but not by way of limitation, the organization is empowered to contribute toward the continued development and vitality of museums, synagogues or similar facilities, to display historical objects, documents, records, works of art and the like owned by, loaned to, or otherwise held by the said J├╝disches Museum Hohenems, to advance and promote the publication and distribution of books and scholarly works relating to the history of the Jewish people of the Vorarlberg and Tyrol region of Austria and Hohenems in particular.